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 本文摘要:Smartphones are being used to combat the dreaded mosquito in Italy, with a new app that tracks the location of the blood-sucking pests.意大利人很害怕蚊子,于是用上智能手机来抵挡蚊害:一种新的研发的应用程序将能跟踪到这种吮血物种的形迹。


Smartphones are being used to combat the dreaded mosquito in Italy, with a new app that tracks the location of the blood-sucking pests.意大利人很害怕蚊子,于是用上智能手机来抵挡蚊害:一种新的研发的应用程序将能跟踪到这种吮血物种的形迹。The free app, called ZanzaMapp, gathers information from the public in order to highlight hot spots of mozzie activity in real time. The mosquito heat map will allow people to avoid areas with high concentrations of bugs, and help authorities to better direct pest control efforts, the projects website notes. It also enables users to upload photos so that experts can determine which species have been found and where.这是一款免费应用于,取名为“ZanzaMapp”,它可以收集公共场所信息,然后动态得出蚊虫横行的热点。项目官网称之为,这些蚊子热点地图能老大人们避免蚊虫集中区,也有助政府更加有效地实行灭蚊措施。

它还容许用户上载自己拍下的蚊虫照片,便于专家拜托辨识蚊子种类及其活动范围。The apps creator, expectant father Cesare Bianchi from Romes Sapienza University, says he was driven by a lack of information on how to deal with new threats such as the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which doctors believe causes severe birth defects.该应用程序的发明者是罗马大学的切萨雷·比安奇。将要为人父的比安奇回应,面临依赖蚊子传播的寨卡病毒等新的威胁,涉及应付措施却不存在信息缺少的问题,他于是打消了创立这个应用于的点子。医学界指出寨卡病毒不会造成相当严重的新生儿缺失。

I was searching for a place that was as safe as possible from the risk of Zika, he says. I realised theres little practical information on how to manage the presence of mosquitoes. The app includes tips for making places less attractive to the insects, such as removing stagnant water.他回应,“我仍然在去找一个最不更容易不受寨卡病毒威胁的地方。然后我意识到,在定位蚊子的问题上,涉及实用信息完全没。”这款应用于里还有各种小贴士,告诉他人们减少蚊虫杜绝的办法,比如周围不要有积水。In March, the World Health Organisation warned that European countries may be at risk of a Zika outbreak, with the widespread tiger mosquito capable of transmitting the virus. In 2007, tiger mosquitoes were blamed for an outbreak in northern Italy of the chikungunya virus, more commonly seen in tropical regions.今年3月,世界卫生组织曾向欧洲国家收到预警:寨卡病毒有可能侵袭欧洲,而普遍不存在的虎斑蚊是传播寨卡病毒的祸首。